[xj-s] Re: XX jags body kits

I think I know who “XXXXX XXXX” is as I also bought the body kit from this
“Hyper XXXX” company from UK to be air-freighted to Hong Kong and fitted by
my Jag mechainic. He promised an easy fit but the package arrived without
any instruction and is very rough such that we have to sand paper them with
fillings. The fitting of the kit with paint job costs me a lot more than
the cost and freight. However, my mechanics did a nice job with a lot of
effort to out the kit together. What really pissed me off is the
supplier’s attitude and irresponsibility. Besides there are two suppose to
be venting fitting which we can fit to the car, he even redicule us on the
capability to put this “simple job” together. However, during the same
period, I purchased from AJ6 Engineering and find their aftersale service is
super with professional attitude.

Anthony Ching, Hong Kong
XJ_S V12 Coupe '89

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:06:18 -0000
From: “Steve” jagster@ukonline.co.uk
Subject: [xj-s] RE X X jags body kits.

Some of us having been thinking about buying an XJS front and rear bumper
body kit. I’ve found the following in Jaguar Driver magazine. JD magazine
the official monthly mag of the Jaguar Drivers club and is a glossy
publication similar to Jaguar World. The article was written by a member
was prompted to buy an XJS kit e following the article in jaguar world .
I’ve heavily edited it as its over a page long. He doesnt mention the
supplier by name, refering to the supplier as XXXXX XXXXX.

Writer says:

First disapointment was it arrived poorly packaged with a big hole in the
box and no bill of materials to check it was all there. No fitting
instructions, help or tips. In the opinion of the writer the kit was of
“pretty poor quality and quite a shock to see some extremely rough edges

he spoke with X X and they said
“What do you expect for �590. Its not meant to be top quality �2,000 item
you’d get from Jags. Wait till youve got it fitted it will look like
“Yes but how is it meant to be fitted? On What?”
“Oh just keep the centre beam sections and mount on them”
“What with the rubber covers still in place or what?”
“Oh take them off its dead easy. We never have a problem”
“But This is the first time i’ve fitted one, you must have done many more”
“Look if you don’t like it send it back”

He decided to carry on however but his paint shop doubled the price they
quoted owing to the extra work they had to do to make it work. He also
out that you have to take off the old front spoiler.

He says it looks very good but close inspection shows how the body shop
problems getting the kit to fit, and how the glassfibre has bubbled under
the paint where attempts have been made to rub it down in preparation.
worse the car is illegal no until he figures out how to mount the rear
foglamps previuosly housed in the bumper. X X way is to mount them on
pendants below the bumper which spoils the bumper line to hos mind.
The rear moulding fouled the exhaust and the workshop broke the mounting
trying to ease it to fit and the job cost him �1,500 by the end.

Steve says:
I send this for information - obviously XX havent had a chance to reply,
bodyshop he used could have been pathetic, or he might just be the sort of
customer who is never pleased… but i would like to here from an
independant satisified customer and or X X.
Anyone out there!

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 08:52:51 -0800
From: Ned nwesley@pacbell.net
Subject: Re: [xj-s] Windshield Wipers problem

Is your car garaged or is it exposed to the weather?

This looks like a severe friction problem or bent parts. I would lube
moving parts. The fact that you got a spark indicates that the torque of
motor is insufficient to move the system with the increased

Voltage is pressure and current flows.


Anyway, any ideas?

John Himes
88 XJ-S 119K Miles

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 11:23:47 -0600
From: Emile Desroches DAHOTSHOE@sprintmail.com
Subject: Re: [xj-s] Recommended tire size for STOCK wheels?


You can safely go to 225x50 front & rear with the stock rims. I have a
of friends who mount 245x45’s but these IHMO have mild rubbing problems at
suspension extension in the front and frankly IHMO are a bit wide for
safety on
a 7" rim except at extremely high (relative to a comfort ride) pressures.
had the 225’s on my wife’s car (Yokohama a525) with great results in fair
foul weather for well over a hear now and both are delighted with both
and handling.


'93 XJR-S
'95 XJS 4.0 (wife’s)
'96 XJR

Sean Straw wrote:

If I wanted to go comfortably larger than the stock tires on my '88,

size could I go to. This is specifically on the rear - I have two

new tires already, they’ll be moving to the front as I mount two new on

rear, where slightly wider tires are more appropriate.

I’m NOT looking for fatties. Just over stock without affecting the

diameter adversely and without running into clearance problems.

Who here might be running on such rubber?

Sean Straw '88 Jaguar XJSC 5.3L V12 (LHD)
Marin County, California '69 Buick GranSport 455 V8

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 21:13:07 +0000
From: David Hendon david@hendon99.demon.co.uk
Subject: Re: [xj-s] Slow windows

I found that this problem on my XJS was caused by the rubber runner
strip that the windows sit in starting to split. The window can then
tilt a bit and gets sort of stuck. If you shut the door, presumably
it bumps it into the right position. Changing the rubber strip is a
bit tedious, but not expensive.


----- Original Message -----
From: Jim Isbell mfalcon@pyramid3.net

I have seen posts in the past about slow moving windows and many have
attempted a cure by opening the door and reworking the mechanisum.

may or may not be effective.

Yesterday the left side window suddenly got slow. BUT the problem was

switch and was easy to fix. I am glad I dont read all those posts

opening the door.

You may find that MOST of the posts refer to installing relays and

the role of the window switches to triggering those relays.

And that, my friend, may well be worth your while. The switch gives out
because it is carrying too much current, so you may get a repeat

of the slow motion scene.

Cheers yourself,


Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 11:07:49 +1100
From: Stephen Abigail abigail@mitmania.net.au
Subject: [xj-s] Slow windows

FWIW, I used a cooking oil spray inside the felt-like channels in the
window frames in all my Jags and R.R. and it works well. No smell like
WD40 and I have only done all windows on any car once.
Worth a shot, could be a cheap fix.
All cars with “fast glass”

Date: Sat, 4 Dec 1999 00:23:10 -0000
From: “Cat” cat@laugel.freeserve.co.uk
Subject: Re: [xj-s] Engine temp.

And I was thinking… could it be possible to put one of these little
PC(computer) fans that you find in electronics shops for �1.5 in the
of the valley, so it could work whenever the engine is running, and by
so take advantage of the drilled holes in the compressor mounting??? No
noise (almost), very small amp draw…

Valley 105c.

That is very interesting - that is why the injection and engine looms
cook, and fail. The insulation on the wires is only rated for
continuous operation at 70C (automotive grade PVC).


Date: Fri, 3 Dec 1999 19:44:12 -0600
From: “TWA” thelink@cmxway.net
Subject: [xj-s] O2 Sensor

Just some info on a couple of messages I have seen the last few days.
Someone asked if the cold air induction was noticeable. Well I just did it
about a month back and I can say without a doubt… I can’t tell. I used
the PVC conduit to make a mount on the air cleaner housing and some hose
from a kit the PO had ordered. (his kit mounted over the radiator but the
intakes were as small as the horns already on the car) I cut the head
housings per the book. The only trouble I had was this was all at just
2" stuff so not as big as I would like. If you do the math though that
should double my air intake area over the 1 1/2 of the original horns. I
really pleased with the mod as I know in my heart it has done the car good
but I can’t tell a thing in the power department. I do think that the
look better than the horns though.

One other thing I saw on here was someone saying you should mount the O2
sensor out on the intake line and not in the air cleaner housing. It seems
that I may have proven this although inadvertently. I drilled the
appropriate hole in the housing and put my sensor there. Though it may not
be horrible there is a small problem. I keep close watch on my gas mileage
so I know what I was getting pre mod. I noticed that after the mod I was
getting just a few tenths less. Originally I contributed this to the fact
that I was “testing” the mod, but eventually I had to admit that indeed I
was getting less gas mileage. It was, like I said, only a few tenths, no
worries, but it was there. Well last week I started getting a couple of
miles to the gallon less. I couldn’t figure it out till last night when I
noticed that while working on the car a few nights ago I had left the O2
sensor off. That O2 sensor off cost me 1 to 2 miles per gallon. The O2
sensor on the housing instead of out in the line of fresh air cost me 1 or
2> On Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:33:45 +1100, you wrote:
tenths of a gallon.

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