[xj-s] Rear Shocks Replaced: Thanks Henry Fok

Once again Jaglovers makes it affordable for me to run an XJS.

There was oil on the garage floor from one of the rear shocks. I
have no idea when the rear shocks were last changed so I searched
Jaglovers and found Henry Fok’s step-by-step pictorial on renewing
rear shocks on the XJ (basically the same components as the XJS.)

I purchased four Monroe shocks #39003 (from Amazon.com), got a no-
cost spring compressor rental from AutoZone parts store, and spent
lots of time on the garage floor racheting away.

The car now handles better on tight curves, doesn’t squat down
under acceleration and doesn’t ‘‘clunk’’ over bumps.

Thanks Henry and Jaglovers!–
Paul Taylor 1993 4.0 XJS Convertible, 2004 3.0 X-Type
San Diego California, United States
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I cannot seem to find Henry’s guide to replacing rear shocks anywhere. Could you please provide a link?

I think this is what the old post from 2011 was referring to:


Probably referring to these from circa 2002




Perfect and thanks team! job done and 4 new shocks installed utilizing the old springs (that part was fun!)!