[xj-s] Removing security system - part 3

  1. Even if you avoid arrest, get away with your stash from
    the BofA, and start to fall in love with the beast, you�ll end up
    on jag-lovers asking the same questions as the rest of us, but
    prefixed with �I just came into unexpected possession of a �92 XJS
    V12 convertible in California. I�ve got a problem with the ��� and
    we�ll be on to you, buddy. If you make sure you�ve got a good set
    of metric and imperial sockets (with various extensions, wobble
    joints and 12-pointers), both Phillips and Pozidrive screwdrivers,
    a random assortment of Torq wrenches, a DMM, a soldering iron, a
    home-made head-puller, a weird contraption for getting steering
    rack bushes loose, a gizmo for hoisting the hood to the ceiling of
    your garage so you can top up the radiator, three engineering
    degrees (electrical, mechanical and aerospace), Kirbert�s �The
    Book�, a sense of humor and a lot of patience you might stay hidden
    for a while � but we�ll catch up with you in the end, my friend.–
    '92 XJS V12 Convertible, '95 XJR
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In reply to a message from BurbankSteve sent Tue 7 Jul 2009:

Hey Steve,

Where’s part 2 - paragraphs 6-9? Your script is a classic ‘‘gotta
have’’ as it pretty well describes our experience with the wife’s
v12 XJS.

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