[xj-s] Rodent problems & blown "Check Valve" hose

My XJS is usually parked for the majority of the winter and every
spring I have ‘‘fun’’ getting it back into driving shape. Usually
this requiered a new battery and lots of cursing. This time, to my
delight, a few mice deceided to build a home right in the middle of
my V12. For insulation they borrowed parts of spark plug wires and
a few other things, including parts of my custom Alpine sound
system. Anyway, $2400 later my car is running great, new distrb.
new plugs, wire etc… Then during a highway ‘‘speed test’’ I hear a
hose blow. Its the check valve according to the parts catalogue, im
not too familiar with this part of the v12 engine. When I opened
the hood it smelled like rich exhaust was exiting through the
quarter sized hole in this hose. I could use a little explanation
to what I did, and what I could do in the future to
avoid…besides letting that mustang pass me!–
topeka, KS, United States
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