XJ-S rubber bumper repairs

Does anyone know of firms who are taking on repair of damaged XJ-S rubber bumpers? I just checked the part numbers for the two main bumper rebuild components for late models of the XJ-S namely BCC 5120 for the steel beam and BEC 14520 for the rubber cover. (I could not find a part number for a complete bumper.) Both rebuild items are now showing as no longer available. But I know that aluminium versions of the beam have been made in the past for some Jaguar models and if it were economical new moulds could be made for rubber and plastic covers. The roll out of new technology such as 3D printing might help here. Generally this applies to all post-chrome Jaguar models so is any progress being made, bumper repair being a thriving after market field?

Probably not enough demand which would make the cost astronomical if they did.
There are plenty of products on the market that can be used for a satisfactory repair if the existing cover is not mangled beyond repair.

An illustration of the XJS front bumper from Jaguar Classic Parts. The steel beam which is the bumper’s core is item 1, the rubber cover 7 and the stainless steel blade 11. In an impact, I imagine that the beam would bear the brunt:-

Stainless steel you say??? I’m guessing you haven’t got around looking at it from underside…

Hi Janusz,
I know these bumpers very well, having dismantled two myself. Item 11 is a piece of stainless steel trim, item 13 also stainless, I think. But you are right that the main beam itself item 1 is only made of mild steel.

This obviously is pre-facelift
You said bumper cover I was thinking facelift
I may have decent extra. Where you located

Hello Wayne,
A kind offer but I’m in Liverpool UK. And I was really hoping to find a specialist repairer either in the UK or in North West Europe.
But if all else fails, I’ll bear in mind your offer.
Regards and keep safe,

Agreed, no stainless used. It is chromed steel, and beam is aluminum on my NA market ‘88. Used parts should be readily available if beyond repair. If you are removing the beam, be prepared for the two attachment bolts to the absorbers to be seized. Patience and penetrating oil…along with an air impact wrench.

Not in UK. Here, the rust is cultivated even under the finger nails.

Nut splitter will do the job but will also make the stud oval-ish.
The ultimate solution, an absolute must have in every XJS owner’s toolbox, the event horizon of the WD40 - is 3mm tungsten carbide CNC endmill and Dremel. Goes through this rusty poop like through the wood. Just watch your fingers, shavings and blood spatters.