[xj-s] speedo transducer

I finally broke down and purchesed another 1 of these POS after running
around for like 2+ years with the speedo not working. The last 1 lasted
exactly 6.5 miles
give or take a tenth. This new one was DOA… man I was miffed, have to
change this on ramps is a PITA.

I have like 3 of these on the shelf broken 1 which I open up removed the
cheezy resistors and soldered the wires directly to the board. I slapped
that in after crimping the cover back on and it WORKS without any
resistors in the circuit.

I’m not sure how accurate this setup is until I hit one of those radar
trailers that the cops park on busy residential streets but it sems to
work OK.

ANyone know if using this unit without resistors will damage anything in
the circuit ? Any chance of the frying the coil in the speedo itself ?
They are IIRC 1/8 watt
jobs, I have a bag somewhere around that I was thinking about inserting
on a small perf board just as the harness comes into the cabin by the
climate control resistor pack .

On another note the A bank smoking has diminished, riding around with
the DMM in the cabin monitoring the feedback V I have noticed that if
it’s reading 4.89V no matter what speed if I throttle back it makes no
difference in the reading UNTIL I take my foot all the way off the pedal
then the V starts to drop & swing. Once I hit the pedal a little bit
it’s back to the 4.85V range.


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