[xj-s] Steering Wheel Horn

Hi all

we have just bought a ‘1990’ 4 spoke steering wheel off ebay to
hopefully fit on our 1983 V12HE project car. (hope it fits)

The 4 spoke steering wheel has 2 X horn buttons whilst on the
original you just press the centre.

How exactly does the horn work, and what mods. must I do to be able
to still have a horn after the swap?

As no wires come out of either wheel I guess the horn works by
switching earth on and off??

I have removed (and refitted) the original steering wheel a few
weeks ago when I fitted a new ‘wiper switch’ so I know I have a
plastic bolt with a brass centre and a long brass ‘pole’ which I
guess ‘connects’ to earth to complete the circuit and sound the
horn when the original steering wheel centre is pushed. Am I
thinking along the right lines??

Thanks as ever

1990 Sovereign 4.0L, 1983 XJS V12HE
London, United Kingdom
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