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I’d also like one of these steering wheels but on EBay UK
they appear to sell for ridiculous money: a new one
fetched close on $750 & the only recent used one had a buy
it now price of $480

Paul’s post about the same wheel being fitted to later
XJ40’s might lead to a less expensive purchase.


The original message included these comments:

That is correct that post April 1995 XJS cars came with the
half wood and half leather steering wheels but also a post
April.1995 XJS would also be considered a Celebration 1996

94 XJS 6.0ltr convertible
Lancashire, United Kingdom
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I know this is an old thread, but since the topic of steering wheels came up again (Smaller steering wheel), I think it will be good to come to some type of consensus.

US market cars before the airbags apparently have 48 spine-shaft.
Later (well, may be prior to MY 1996) cars have 76 spline-shaft.

Since Chad Bolles had used an early adaptor boss in his 1995, that means that the 76 spline shaft in his (and mine) is already adapted.

Anyone know for sure? Pictures will be of great help.

UK Cars have the 86 spline column/wheel. Here’s mine that was replaced with a Celebration wood & leather wheel several years ago.

The airbag on my car is now nearly 27 years old & as such if I can find an 86 spline boss & suitable smaller steering wheel, I would do away with the airbag altogether.


Thanks Andy. This confirms that the numbers quoted by Mr. Sinnott are indeed transposed. UK - 86 and US - 76

At least adopters for 76 spline shaft seem to be available. Which fits better – 2202 or 2207 – is still tbd.

I’ve taken the horn system from my parts car- 1980 v12 xjs and put it into my 1985 3.6 straight 6 xjs. Wiring and horn system is not an issue.

Wow, you’ve got one of the first AJ6 engines. Have you had AJ6 Engineering modify it yet for adjustable idle fuel mixture?