[xj-s] T-Tops

I have been reading the posts regarding convertables, conversions and
factory. Has any one on the list ever considered a T-Top conversion?

I would like a convertable, but I have always considered the flying
buttress roof line one of the better design features of the XJ-S. I do not
want a convertable enough to give this up.

I have also considered that a T-Top should result in a more rigid structure
than a convertable conversion.

Does any one have any thoughs on this?

'84 XJ-S

Does any one have any thoughs on this?

I don’t think it would come off very well. I think you would regret it.

My philosophy, when it comes to various roof styles, is that if you want a
different one than what you got, spend the money on a car that came with it
that way. Mix-n-match just doesn’t seem like a good idea with car tops.