[xj-s] Testing my Injectors

I have just tested two of my injectors and want to make sure I’m not ruining
them in the process. I have the injector hooked right up the fuel line, with
enough injector hose to get the injector out of engine bay and safely
spraying into a bucket on the driveway. With the ignition on to power the
fuel pump, I ran a wire to each side of the battery and I tapped the injector
wire on the hot side to watch it spray.

Well the first shot on the first injector was sorta a nice spray. But second
shot was a little weaker. Then it was shooting like a stream of urine. Ok,
next injector. Same thing… ok spray, then weaker, then shootin’ like
piss… literally. Have I just destroyed two injectors? I want to know
before I ruin the next ten.


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