[xj-s] Thermal cutout & window lift

There are 'photos on the Jag-lovers site showing the window lift relay
mounted on a printed circuit board, plus a couple of standard DIN type
auto relays.
Come to think of it I call them DIN type but that may not be accurate.
Must pull out the relay catalogue and see what the manufacturers call them.
The two DIN relays needed to operate the window are not much larger
than the window lift relay, but they are a sight more complicated to
wire when you have to shove the whole shooting match into the tight
space in the footwell.
The window lift board has loops so you can wire it easily.

In the next few days I will get around to testing the 50 relay boards
already assembled. In the 'photo are connectors and insulating boots
for the board. You can buy these retail just about anywhere, but we
buy one or two thousand at a time and from reputable suppliers. I
will figure a price for those as an extra if anybody wants them.
Additionally there must be a wiring diagram produced to round off the kit.

Tonight I drilled a couple of holes in the HE head and fitted a
thermal cutout. It is temporary since the plan is to heat up the
cutouts and check the tolerance before final fitting. I used #4 X
1/4" ST screws to hold the cutout. While drilling the holes I broke
into the water jacket, there is not a lot of aluminium between coolant
and atmosphere. That is no problem since stainless ST screws and
Loctite will be used for final fitting.
To make the holes a right angle drill was used. A universal joint
driver is needed to fit the ST screws. This mod could be done on an
engine insitu after removing the air cleaner and throttle body,
neither of which takes much time. Marking out the holes is a
challenge. A jig made of mild steel could be used to get the correct
pitch for the clamp that holds the cutout.


Richard Dowling, Melbourne, Australia: 1979 XJ-S; 1985 XJ6; 1988
XJ-S V12 convertible

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nice mods…pls keep us posted to your results…–
Lead 88 XJS V12 HE Coupe
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