[xj-s] Tyre changing near North London

For anyone in the North London area, I have to recommend Pro-tyre of
Enfield. They:
o Had the 235/60 15" in stock (2 of!).
o Asked me how I wanted them balanced (e.g. weights on the outside?).
o Asked me what pressures I wanted all around.
o Torqued them up by hand. The Audi next to mine was being fitted at the
same time. That fitter offered my fitter the air wrench. He said, “Nah,
not on the Jag mate.”. It was then that I knew this was a good place.
o Were generally knowledgable and friendly.
o Charged less than the places that didn’t even have them in stock - �203
for two tyres including VAT, balance, valve.

Easily the best tyre change I have ever had - I didn’t even need to prompt
the guy. I will try to find their phone number if anyone wants it, but I
think they’re in the Yellow Pages.


PS I have no affiliation etc…

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In reply to a message from Antony Gelberg sent Fri 27 Jun 2003:

Surprising enough I get my tyres from there, for my other cars not
the jag. They are good, I agree. Im currently trying to get them to
find me a set of nice rims to fit the jag and they are being very
XJS 5.3 HE 1990 +TR Spit 1500 1975 + Vaux Omega 2.0 CDX 1997
London, United Kingdom
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