XJ-S vs XK8 comparison

Just a tongue n cheek description.

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Cute article!

What’s a “weak gearbox drum?”

The A drum on the early gearboxes were not as robust as the updated ones. They look like this


Ah, so this is in an auto 'box? Got it!

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A fun read, and very true to the point. There is little wonder why the cars have the reputation they hold. They can be heartbreakers, and you can never take them seriously, regardless of how much you spend on these mistresses. My XK8 waits quietly in the garage with it’s necessary trickle charger plug in. It has a dazzling array of lights that come on and off, telling you what is wrong, or not. It has ‘comfort’ gauges that look like the real thing, but don’t actually tell you anything. For a V-8, it has a pleasant rumble to the exhaust, but not embarrassingly loud. I bought mine from a friend that did not drive it. He was seduced and realized that it was not what he thought it was, and spent money, and more money. I took it off his hands for ten cents on the dollar that it sold for new. It sits in my garage, and waits for me to wake it up and go for a spin. Kind of like a dog who never expects you to do anything with it, but when you do, it rewards you.

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Very funny tongue and cheek article James. Just stumbled upon your site; great info, etc. I don’t think I’m too far from you (Located North of Tampa - Lutz/Land O Lakes Area)

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Nice Scott I will have to see your Jags one day! I’m up in Bushnell.

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Yep love the V8 sound. Especially with a modified exhaust. It puts the sports sound into a touring car the best of both worlds.

I very nearly bought an XJ8 coupe, but then… i began reading posts like this.

They sure are pretty.

Then… I grew a brain…:wink:

Paul, yes they have many electrical anomalies but you will l tolerate it because it drives so lovely.

Naw: I’m about 3 decades past being that untruthful to my pragmatic self…;). I’ll just enjoy looking at the next door neighbor’s coupe!

He keeps trying to hornswoggle me into working on it…good fences made good neighbors… :wink:

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Oh, it is not bad…for a Jag. I had an XK120, and it was literally trouble-free. Then along came the E-type, and brand new, it had low oil pressure. Dealer did complete teardown and discovered the O ring in the oil pickup was pinched and the pump was sucking air. No charge, under warranty. Three E-types later, more and more headaches, and they sat in the garage until sold to some unlucky bastard. Current acquisition is an XKS with no brakes and the magical Teeves braking system. A 92 model with lots of neglect, so you can just imagine.

Someone just made a retrofit of a straight hydraulic system, with much supporting documentation.

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Mistake on model on 1992 XJS and not XKS sorry about that.

I am all ears on the brake system retrofit. Is there any documentation on here? I believe I am going to have to do that.

Search the archives: it was late last year/early this.

@Kirbert can also help.

I think it was BobPhx in January time-frame maybe

Sure enough!!!