[xj-s] where to buy?

I realize that the person who buys a car “on line” has to be almost as
brave as the first man to eat an oyster, but here is a suggestion that
worked for me. I went up on Auto Trader and put in zip codes for areas
that are considered to be relatively rust free, Arizona, West Texas, the
eastern parts of Oregon and Washington etc. and let it rip. I found the
leaper in Berkeley California and although it has had virtually every
malady on the list, distributor, air conditioning, radiator… it
doesn’t have a spec of rust anywhere. As Kirby pointed out, the cars in
Florida are disasters, and I personally would avoid like the plague
anything which has even driven through a place where they salt the
roads. My XK-E came out of the Chicago area and I sold it after fighting
corrosion and body cancer for three years.
Tom Wilson (completely rust free Texas Leaper)

I’d disagree that cars from Florida are a disaster. My 89 Convertible is
rust free and has been in Florida it’s entire existence.
I would recommend going to Auto Trader on line and putting in a Nationwide
search. You can easily weed out the trash cars over the telephone and ask
for video tape of the ones left.
Actually, I have found that Jaguars in Florida are usually free of rust. I
searched for mine for almost one year…most of them were owned by older
retirees who kept them in the garage!
But I do agree that I’d stay away from cars in the from the northeast to the
midwest…they do salt their roads and the cars pay for it.
Good Luck!..Lance