[xj-s] Which post on the starter relay goes to the ecu

Still trying to cure my cold start problems on my 83 5.3L. Starts very
rough until it gets warm. Not the AAV ,it’s been pulled and I installed
a manual choke. Both the water temp and air temp sensors check out but
I’m still not getting fuel enrichment. Last thing I can think of is a
while back I did a “work around” on the starter relay and installed a
starter switch button under the dash, left side. (Turn the key on, hit
the bottom and go!) But I believe I left off or moved the wire that goes
from the starter relay to the ecu that tells the ecu to add more fuel.
Does anyone no where on the starter relay it is supposed tp go to? and
what color wire it is? I dont know if it makes a difference but I have
TT extractors with three wire oxy sensors and the enhanced ecu from AJ6

Dennis Cunningham
83 Xj-s 5.3 80,000 miles
2003 Xj-8 4.2 litre 57,000 miles.

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