[xj-s] Who has removed their AC servo

Hi John

Presuming we are talking about the same thing, I removed mine, but it was
some time back and the details are a bit hazy.

Right hand side footwell. Remove vent. Trim panel can then be removed. Mark
positions of control rods. Take note of the vacuum connections. Loosen nuts
and disconnect rods from servo. I seem to remember 5 or so little screws
which must be removed to take off the inner vent (I can’t remember if this
is actually necessary, but I seem to remember it has to be taken off to
access the dome nut - see below). Take off the small dome nut from underside
the servo. You won’t see this unless you are right in there. This is the
only nut that holds the servo in position. However! Now for the trick !. The
servo is stuck down on the underside with something similar to mirror tape.
You have to pry the servo loose with a broad blade screw driver or similar.
The tape sits really tight and you have to work away at it a bit before it
comes free. Take your time and don’t force it. When you have it out out
carefully check all the little clockwork gears with a magnifying glass. Also
the little brass bushes which hold the gears in place. My servo had failed
due to a combination of the above having failed. Check the potentiometer.
Check the motor as described in the book. The rest is more or less bullet
proof. .

Also on reassembly check “the book” for how to set up the control rods.
yours may have slipped or been previously incorrectly assembled. If the rods
are even slightly out the system won’t operate correctly.

Good luck

Steve Kleyn

'84 XJ-S