[xj-s] Wide Tires

Okay guys and girls, it’s the 53 year old teenager looking for an answer.
What is the widest front and rear tires anyone here has put on and actually
used without any problems except for some minor fender lip clearancing? I
know Bradley has 255/45X17’s on a 9.5 inch rims front and back on his
monster after figuring out the correct offsets, and other people like Walt
Osborn have run wider tires but they either changed the wheel flare or are
using a body kit. I just came into a set of light 17 inch 5 spoke
Speedline’s from a Corvette project that I helped on that are 9.5 rear and
8.5 front. I will have to whittle spacers/adapters so I can adjust the
offsets, so I am now trying to figure out the widest tires I can get under
the wheel wells and what offsets I will have to run. I do not really want to
flare the body on this XJ-S, that will be for the next one!!

Thanks, rayjay

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