[xj-s] windshield wiper "park" position

Hi there, again!
I assume that as this is a separate topic from my previous
post that I should make it a separate post. I have owned my
'90 XJS Coupe for about six weeks now. The first thing I
did was remove the windshield wipers and put chrome acorn
nuts on the posts that the wiper arms had been attached to.
The result, to my mind, really cleaned up the hood to
windshield area of the car. I removed the wipers because,
when in ‘‘Park’’, they remained so high on the windshield as
to pose a distraction. I am blessed to live in a climate
where we can go all summer without a drop of rain (except
when we don’t) however it is now time to think about putting
the wipers back on.
Has anyone found an angled wiper arm that will work on our
cars and place the blade lower on the windshield when in
‘‘Park’’? By the way, I don’t believe I can solve the problem
by changing the wiper arm location on the post but I will
try it just to be sure.
Thanks for any ideas.
Michael Hunter-'90 XJ-S V12,'85 XJ6-both running, usually.
Upper Lake, Ca, United States
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I know it’s nine years later, but I’m with you, Mate! I took my wiper off to begin repositioning the cam so the wiper would park on the side without the steering wheel and loved the absence of the wiper so much I’ve decided to carry it and a wrench in the boot for rainy days.

What make wiper motor do you have, lucas or electrolux, I reversed the motor crank arm to park away from my field of vision when parked and fitted a 13" blade to one and bent the atms in a vice.

My bad, Rex…I used the search option and then forgot to be sure I was still in the right forum. I’ve got a ‘94 XJ with the hideous single blade. When it parks as designed on the driver’s side (regardless of whether it’s a LHD or RHD car), it’s quite obtrusive. Having removed it I feel like I’m driving a different car.

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Me too! I carry it in the trunk (boot) for the infrequent times I need to drive in the rain.

is that legal

Is speeding legal? :smiley:

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I probably cannot legally SELL the car with the blade in the boot, but law enforcement would have to be seriously below quota to cite me for no wiper on a nice day.

I don’t find it obtrusive when parked as I have it on the wiper spindle where it parks at the very bottom.

Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t find it obtrusive down there?

If parked higher up, it was in the way, which is why I repositioned it all the way down.

I reversed the position of my wipers so they park on the passengers side. You will need to get wiper arms that were designed to work from that side though…seemingly from the UK.

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