[xj-s] Wiper Broken - How to Fix

Hi All
I just have the wipers to fix by Friday in order that our project
XJS will pass it’s MOT retest.

I have tested the fuse and it is fine, I am guessing that the
switch is working as when I turn the wipers on I can hear a
clicking from the left side of the dash which I thought indicated a
relay clicking (although on steve’s website there is an article
about a wiper relay upgrade which I assumed meant the wipers dont
have a relay as standard?) so obvioulsy the switch is engegising

I have removed the wiper motor and wiper grill and intend tomorrow
night to put it on the kitchen table and have a go at getting it to

The wipers plug has eight connector holes which plugs into an eight
pin socket on the car. None seem to be numbered but for discussion
there are two rows of four holes. From Left to right it goes;

Row 1 - ‘Large Hole, Large Hole, Small Hole, Small Hole’
Row 2 - ‘Large Hole, Large Hole, Small Hole, SMall Hole’

Does anyone know what each of these holes/ports relates to so that
I can feed 12v to them and check the motor works before I start
dismantling it?

Any tips on dismantling it and fixing?



BTW- I found my two front indicator bolts so that issue is now
solved. After the wipers just the front downpipe to fit which I
will take to Kwik-Fit and let them do it and we are ready for the
1990 Sovereign 4.0L, 1983 XJS V12HE, 1992 4.0L (parts Car)
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In reply to a message from Chris Jamison sent Mon 11 Dec 2006:

have sent you a diagram off line that has the wire colour coding on-
hope it helps

Dave Lewis, '69 E-Type FHC, '90 XJ-S 3.6, '94 XJ40 Sovereign
Camberley, Surrey., United Kingdom
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