[xj-s] Would someone please define " wankers " and " tossers "

This is taken from “Slang and Euphemism” . A dictionary of oaths, curses,
insults, sexual slang and metaphor, racial slurs, drug talk, homosexual
lingo, and related matters. By Richard A. Spears, Associate Professor of
Linguistics, Northern University. 1981. published by Jonathan David
Publishers.NY. USA.

Wank: 1. a simpleton, on oaf. [ British Colloquial ] 2. to coit [ the act of
copulating] a woman. 3. to masturbate. first noticed in publication, 1900 by
Levy and Frank. usage: British,1900’s to present. See Wank-off.

Wank-off: 1.to masturbate

Tosser: a masturbater [British Slang] usage: British,1700’s to present.

Note to Postmaster: Feel free not to publish this response or delete it
entirely. It’s a response to a question posed by a poster.Tongue in Cheek. I
feel this Digest is no place from such comments as derogatory as these. The
issue of race, citizenship, country of origin, Religion, Politics or
Ethnicity have no place on this platform.We are all here to share, learn and
educate ourselves about the Automobiles we all love and cherish, enough to
risk our marriages and relationships…GRIN, my current girl friend took the
name of “The Other Woman” from my computer and applied it to my car, Ok…so
now she’s 3rd in line…LOL, But I can’t swear at her, lock her in the
Garage, turn out the lights and leave her till the morning and expect to
ride her full throttle in the morning. Good luck!!!

In the future I’d like to see some editing done by the postmaster, to
eliminate derogatory comments to the above mentioned categories, It’s a
waste of bandwidth to see insults being bantered back and forth, I.E.: the
AJ6 & Radford exchanges, but then again it’s informative to be aware of the
people out there trying to capitalize on others efforts. But I’d much rather
see information and lessons learned by our united experience together, than
to see insults being published I.E: Wanker and Tosser, over the web. Just
type those word in your search engine and see how many Porn sites you get

I welcome responses to my e-mail address, in support of or against, my
comments, on the filtering of insults or derogatory terms used here.
Kirby : I dont know your idea’s about censorship, I’m against it, unless it
involves the above categories. Insults aren’t acceptable to me, information

Phil Stuart

(Yes…the owner of the Nitrous Injected ,6.0 L, V-12, Koenig Modified
X-JS )