[xj-s] XJS Replacement Carpets

Yesterday, Michael Bucklew wrote:

anyone know a good source for replacement carpets?? <<

In case you haven’t subsequently found your answer in the archives, we stock
rolls of authentic jute-backed Jaguar carpet covering just about all XJS
original colors from 1975-96. From these we’re happy to make you anything
from one piece up to an entire cabin set. We also have the original
insulation pads that go immediately beneath the carpet, plus the strips of
foam that are glued into the channels in the floor itself - these strips are
necessary simply to make the floor entirely even when carpeted.

Please feel free to contact us off-list [PaulsJag@aol.com] with your
requirements, and it’s obviously helpful if you let us have your
3-letter “trim code” which you’ll find on a decal in the driver’s door jam
on all XJS models from 1981-96. This tells us the color of everything
within your interior. For 1975-80 models, we can usually make an educated
guess in the absence of a trim code.

Hope this helps,
Paul’s Jaguar - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Tel: (954) 846-7976
Fax: (954) 846-9450_________________________________________________________________
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