[xj] S2 vs. S3 Rear End

Newer is always better! And, be sure to check whether it’s Power-Loc and the
gear ratio. I would think that these two things are pretty important, too. A
Power-Loc 3:31 is a really good setup for these cars! (What makes me sick is
that I checked on eBay last night. Haven’t been for a while. A complete
unit, with a 3:31, sold for $75, no reserve. Oh well!)

Newer rubber, bearings, seals, less rust, butter bushings, newer/better
shocks, etc. While you have it out, I wouldn’t trust ANYONE’s word on disks &
calipers. I’d replace them anyway.

My 2 pfennig’s worth!

Bob H.

'85 XJ6
'87 VDP

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