XJ Series 3; Headlining sunroof car

(Bard Th Hesvik) #1

I was called upon to replace the headlining in a Jaguar XJ12 Series 3 with a sunroof.

The actual ‘biscuit’ was sagging just aft of the sunroof aperture, so my client wanted to replace the biscuit as well.

Getting the biscuit out of a donor car, I found that to be in a similar state as the one it’s supposed to replace.

I’m thinking heavy duty double sided tape or a couple of strips of good velcro but thought I’d check with you guys for wisdom on this. For instance, is it possible to get the shape back in the biscuit?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

(Aristides Balanos) #2

I’ve glued a piece of thin plywood on top of the board. If you have the board out of the car and press it against a flat surface it will straighten up quite a lot.

The liner cardboard doesn’t really touch the roof, so you should figure out some spacers and such. Sounds quite complicated to me as you will be having to take the board in and out a few times… not something you will be wanting to do.
And even so, I don’t know how long it would last…


(Frank Andersen) #3

The sagging headlining is caused by the liner ‘delaminating’, Bard, leaving sort of loose grit - which prevents proper reattachment. Reusing headlining is not a good idea…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Bard Th Hesvik) #4

Hi Frank, Nice to hear from you!
It isn’t the attachment of a sagging headliner material I’m wondering about. I wouldn’t dream of reusing the headlining material q;^)

This is about the biscuit itself sagging on sunroof equipped cars. A downwards bulge appears just aft of the sunroof. I wonder if there is something I can do to get the shape back into the biscuit; applying pressure, moisture, drying or somehow re-mould the thing. If not, I’ll just slap some velcro or double sided tape on it. The problem may revisit us at a later time though, given the ever changing temperatures and moisture levels in our climate.


(Bard Th Hesvik) #5

Hi Aristades,
I’m quite postitive, a strip of velcro or the ‘foamy’ kind of double sided tape will be able to fix the board to the roof, it is that snug against the metal.


(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #6

For what ever it’s worth, This is what I did to hold mine back into shape. I went to the local upholstery shop and picked up what they called “Squim” It’s a fairly open weave cotton fabric, like linen (but it’s not) it doesn’t stretch. I took the headliner board out of the car, laid the board headliner side down on a table supporting the areas needing support in order to maintain the proper contour & shape (read and not breaking it)
I used fiberglass resin and coated the cotton fabric. Then used a paint brush to paint the resin soaked fabric onto the back side of the headliner board.

Because the fabric doesn’t stretch, I was able get the dimple out behind the sunroof and the resin and fabric magically helped the board maintain the proper shape. I then did the same thing to the other side as reinforcement. The downside is the board had to come out of the car. Out the hole where the back window lives.

That was 4 years ago, and it’s till holding its shape. Oh, I also used a stiff bristled brush and LIGHTLY brushed off the dried up foam. I got my fabric from Pauls Jaguar. The fabric is truly amazing. Granted as much as fabric can be amazing…

For what it’s worth.