XJ Series II A/C / Radio Aluminum Fascia Plate - Part No.? Where to find?

So: Possible to print one? Like, if you want to use one of these heat-only panels on an A/C-fitted car?

The print is on the back side of the clear plastic and behind it’s the black cover plate.
I guess one could polish out the old lettering and then somehow print whatever they want.

Two possibilities come to mind:
Etch the letters, there are places where they can do inexpensively and with extreme precision, paint and re-polish so the paint stays only in the grooves/letters. And added bonus a more voluptuous look!

Home printer:
Print mirror image on a clear label with the background black and letters transparent and then stick a white label behind. Vice versa if one wants a white background and black letters. I think it could work.

It should be possible to swap over the two plastic pieces, this is why I asked.

Why one would want to change the print is beyond me, especially as long as it’s just the aluminium that‘s cut up.
Keep the old knobs and dials, swap the plate, done.

I am pretty sure I had a spare one from a US Air-conditioned S2 somewhere. It will take me a few days to dig it out if it’s still needed.



I’m fairly sure that all series XJs exported into the US came with factory a/c.

ROW, things were different: there were low specced versions (2.8 litre, 3.4 litre) and even for the standard 4.2 litre cars there were some options. The price list of the then German importer mentions for Juli 1975:

35,150 DM
3,140 DM: a/c combined with tinted glass all around
550 DM: metallic paint silver
165 DM: leather in black

So yes, in particular in moderate climates such as the UK or most parts of Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Northern France, Denmark, Scandinavia cars were ordered without A/C. Not least because until the 1990s there were stories about air conditions as breeding grounds for all kind of bacteria and generally making you ill. My original owner, a doctor of sciences opted against it as well.

Southern France and Italy were areas with al relatively long history of air condition.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Hi Jochen,

So I guess I am glad in the case of my car #2J50041DN they did not pay extra for Black leather as I think the chosen Dark Blue goes much better with the metallic Silver paint! :wink:

But metallic Silver, yes, and A/C and tinted glass all around in Milan in 1975, and two doors only. AFAIK the manual O/D was a ”no cost option”.


Ps. Pretty much no-one in Finland had A/C back in 1975, except in American cars, a heater yes, and maybe also an engine block heater element, but no A/C. :smiley:

Does a non-A/C XJ still have a Delanair climate control system in it with some sort of automatic control? Or is it ditched in favor of some simpler manual control of heat?

@Robert_Laughton has a passel of XJ6 parts.

Iirc there is no servo or in-car sensor and no automatic control.

No, there is no automatic temperature control system - I seem to remember BMW used something of the sort in the early 1980s. As David wrote there’s no temp sensor underneath the dash and no control unit.

So the left hand vent knob works on the fans while the right hand temp control works directly on the valves and the flaps. That being said the entire system is vacuum-controlled like the a/c system. It could be that even the non-a/c heater unit was supplied by Delanaire though - haven’t been that deep inside yet!



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Yep, Pekka! The Coupé shows up in the German price list
DM 37,610 (2,500 more than the sedan!)
DM 3,140: A/C and tinted glass all round
DM 550: metallic paint silver
DM 165: black leather
DM 500 (reduction for option MOD gearbox).

Interestingly no such reduction is mentioned for the sedan.

I was very surprised that today’s standard colour for leather seat (black) initially must have been considered only suiting hearses … Jaguar had black leather available only with primrose yellow, signal red and silver. But I do agree that the silver/blue combo makes it more of a classic and is more eye-pleasing.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I believe I have one. it has the original cut out and is in excellent condition from a 1979 car. send me the exact dimensions and i’ll confirm it is the correct one.

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Thanks Martin,

for reacting to such an old thread! I’d be surprised though if it fits as 1979 is a SIII year (even though early SIII cars’ interiors are pretty close to SII in some respect). Anyhow, the postage might be prohibitive, I’m afraid …

Thanks again and best regards


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)