I am planning a major top-end service on my 1982 CA-spec VDP (108,000 mi) –
injector rebuild, valve adjustment, cam chain adjustment, etc. I have seen
reference to a “shim kit” for valve adjustment – is there actually a
service kit with (I suppose) a selection of different size shims? Or was
that poster just referring to his own accumulated selection?

Alternatively, can someone recommend a shop in the Los Angeles area I could
trust to do the valve adjustment right? I have worked on DOHC engines, both
shim-over-bucket and shim-under-bucket, so I’m not concerned about my
ability to do the job, but time is somewhat of a factor for me now.

Thanks for the help,
Patrick Cherry
1982 VDP
1975 T160
1998 Sprint Executive
197? 650 Trackmaster
1966 750 T120R
1976 Sedan de Ville