[xj] Silicone lubricant

Someone suggested using silcone spray lubricant - perhaps for the aerial
mast. I recommend against it. It is well known in electronics industry that
tiny amounts of silicone spray in the air quickly contaminate small switch
contacts, especially relays. About ten years ago my factory amongst many
others collected up all the silicone-based lubricants and trashed them
(before the days are of environmental concern). The results of contact
contamination is to increase contact resistance to a point where the
current flow falls to nothing. While there are not many small, low current
relays in something as beefy as a car, it’s nevertheless regarded as bad
practice to have silicones near switch contacts. There is another problem:
Car radios often have liquid crystal displays which are connected to their
circuitry by conductive rubber strips. They’re just held there by some
spring pressure. The currents used by lcd’s are miniscule - microamps at
most. Silicone contamination of the rubber/lcd interface wipes out the
display very easily and quickly (hence never use it as ‘cockpit shine’ or

A ‘dry’ lubricant containing PTFE is preferable, but beware: some have
silicone-based additives. Quite the best thing for aerial masts is
cleanliness - shiny chrome on shiny chrome has very little friction. If the
mast is bent or dimpled - well that’s another problem, but lubrication
won’t fix it!


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