[xj] Speedometer Transducer

How do I determine if my speedo transducer is good? I had it off today to try
and get my speedometer and related componets working again. I looked at the
transducer and didn’t see anything amiss. Also, there were no broken wires,
corrosion, etc. Is there a way to check this to see if it is good? However, I
did notice when I screwed the transducer into the transmission connection, the
connection was turning as I tightened the transducer, and it didn’t snug up
all the way to the trans housing. But, I feel that it is snug enough to work.
I also removed and replaced the oval “plate” from the transmission housing,
(holds the transducer connector in place–probably needs replacing) and made
sure it was replaced correctly. Still, no speedometer.


Mike Vaughn
87 XJ6 S3