XJ Steering Rack Mounts

I recently have my XJC V12 serviced and while still serviceable most suspension rubbers were showing wear and specifically the rubber in the steering rack mounts were getting soft.

I will replace the suspension rubbers in due course, but this is an opportunity to tighten up the steering a bit. For the Series 3 Etype you can buy replacement steering rack mounts that really tighten up the rack mounts and minimise movement from the mounts.

Is an equivalent mount available for the XJ12 and how well does it work?



Put poly bushes on my DD6. It made the steering more precise. The most dramatic effect was the reduction in the turning circle.

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Definitely Poly. Easier to install and they work.

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I put these in my 72 XJ6. As with most poly products they do firm and tighten everything up at the expense of a little more harshness. They’re made locally so sourcing them should be easy. If you google Superpro you will find the cattle dog where this screen shot came from.

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I did the same for my 1975 XJ6C back in 2007. Much, much better.

However I am quite happy with the original setup in my 1972 V12 E-type. YMMV.



Thanks everyone for the unanimous vote for the poly version - I will check them out.

Now onto the steering rack tie rods - new thread for that.

Is that some Aussie lingo, cobber? Not one I’ve come across previously :rofl:

Cobber is a stereotypical sayin that is rarely used in Aust these days.

Cattledog in advertising/marketing context means Catalogue - there you go you learnt two new things today :kissing_heart:

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Yep. What he said. It’s second nature. Sometimes I forget the audience is as broad as it is and I regress to the learnings of my own little backwater.

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The weird thing is I thought it must have been an autocorrect. But I couldn’t imagine why it would correct catalogue to cattle dog :thinking:

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