[xj] Three Months of ownership/headlight inop

“DOUGLAS DWYER” <@Doug_Dwyer>

I don’t know you well enough to determine if you need professional
help.(Sorry. Couldn’t resist) Your headlamp problem, however, is something
that you can fix on your own.

CLEAN the fuses in the under-hood mounted headlamp fuse box . If everything
looks good there, go to the headlamp and check that the connector is clean
and tight and check that the black ground wire is secure. If that is all
hunky-dory, go back to the fuse box and plan on an hour or so to clean and
tighten all the bullet connectors in the wiring nest below the fuse box. A
small bolt inside the wheel well can be removed to allow the fuse box to be
lifted away for access to it’s 'nether regions. This probably where you’ll
find the problem.

Fixing this glitch ought to be the proverbial walk-in-the-park, Paul. No
super electrical know-how needed.

Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA

Now on a serious note I may need some help with some wiring. It seems that
the inner left headlight does not seem to work. There is no power to the
light connection. I have checked the fuses for the lights and all are OK.
All other lights works fine even the inner right. Is there something that
I----- Original Message -----
From: Paul_Barlow@translink.bc.ca
am missing or do I need professional help. Car electronics is not a
favourite of mine.

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