XJ Tow Hitch Pictures

On my 71 XJ6 parts car donor, it has a tow hitch. I was quite surprised, and searching the forum archives, I only saw 10-20 year old posts discussing tow hitches, with no real pictures still available. Thought I would put up some pictures to show how it was mounted and what the hitch looks like. It mounted to the two large bumper mounting bolts at top sandwiched between the body and the bumper, and then with the two straps sandwiching the trunk (boot) floor under the spare tire. Obviously not a heavy duty hitch and it does not have a square receiver, even the 1.25 light duty size; so the ball mounts at whatever height it is on the car. Not adjustable. But thought this was interesting, and certainly would be unusual here in US to see a Jaguar towing even a small trailer. I would guess this was a homemade hitch and not a factory product, but who knows? No ID info on the hitch as to a mfr for example.

BTW, will be selling this if anyone interested, how about $40. Shipping on your dime will cost more than the part, it’s heavy and it doesn’t break down to a small size. The small extension where the ball mounts is the only part that can unbolt, rest of hitch is all welded construction

There is a tow hitch listed in the XJ12 Series 2 parts catalogue under Optional Extras.

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Interesting that the factory hitch also appears to use the main bumper attaching bolts. It also seems to mount to the trunk floor for additional support.

I’ve had a tow hitch on my XJ6 for years. I have towed a trailer from here in Alaska down to St. Louis and back a couple times. I have towed up to 1800 pounds in the trailer more than a couple times. It is a “Curt C11733” hitch with a 1.25" opening, and max 2,000 pound tow rating. The biggest limiting factor is the tongue weight. You have to balance the load carefully. I also have a similar hitch on my 2003 Jaguar X-type. I use them all the time. I also haul my 14 foot Zodiac loaded with fishing gear from here in Wasilla down to Homer for halibut fishing too. I do occasionally get comments about using a Jag to tow a trailer and boat.