[xj] Trip computer: unmasked!

Welcome to the list!
It has been at least 10 years, maybe longer, since I have seen either Alex Cannara or Duncan Brown post on Jag-Lovers. I did enjoy their posts since they both really got into the technical aspects of the XJ6, particularly the electrical systems and electronics components. I know that Alex is an Electrical Engineer and suspect that Duncan was as well. They both enhanced my knowledge of how things worked.
I don’t believe either of them made the transition to the new Jag-Lovers.com website. So I would be surprised (pleasantly) if either one responds.


Thanks for the response. I was referred to the trip computer write up by someone on JaguarForums when I posted the question there. I can get the information I need by lifting the car and putting an oscilloscope on the speed sensor, just easier if someone else has already done so.
I browsed thru this forum yesterday and found another inquiry on the fuel consumption displayed on the trip computer. There were quite a few posts in response, but none of them referred to Mr. Brown’s piece. I posted the section from the piece that explained the fuel totalization calculation.
I’ll look for more past posts by Alex and Duncan.