[xj] undercarriage rust treatments available in UK

Some may remember that last November I got an XJ SII
imported in 2004 from the UK. The undercarriage is fully
coated with a sticky substance reminding of chewing gum
three weeks after being stuck under a school desk: Surface
black and hardened, inside whitish and still veeery elastic.
I have no doubt that this stuff does a great job inhibiting
rust as long as it keeps its structure.

The PO states it had this rust protection already when he
imported the car. I’ve never seen a stuff like this around
here. Do any of our UK listers have an idea what it is and
where I get some more (I had to scrape of some of it in the
rear wheel houses when installing rear seat belts)? Can’t be
10 kg of chewed out bubble gum …

On a related topic, since it was addressed in another mail
on a similar thread: Yes, there is ‘‘KTL’’ (kathodische
Tauchbadlackierung), i.e. electrophoretic paint application
by dipping the car in a bath of paint, available for cars in
Germany and Switzerland. It’s not even terribly expensive
… just really expensive!

75 XJ6L fern green
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