[xj] X-type v. S3/Kids say the darndest things

Just got back from my lunch hour, thought I’d relate an incident that
just occurred.

I was filling up my S3 at the local Chevron, and was approached by
a group of kids who had questions about the dual tanks and Jags in
general. While I was speaking with them, a brand new silver X-type
rolls up on the other side of the pump. Inside was a couple and their
child. Father gets out, lets son out of the back. Son looks over at
my car.

Now to get the full impact of this, you have to understand what my S3
looks like. It’s got the typical Jaguar flaking and crazing of paint
common to original 85’s. It’s got a dent in the offside rear door,
and it hasn’t been washed in a couple weeks; it’s by no means shiny.
In short, it’s a battered old S3.

Father sees where son is looking, looks at me as if to say, “How dare
you drive a Jaguar!”

Son: “Daddy, is that a Jaguar, too?”
Father, with sneer in my direction: “It’s a real old one, son.”
Son: “How come it looks so much better than ours?”

Daddy turns red, jerks son’s arm and drags son into convenience store.


There may be hope for the younger generation.

Henry Fok
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