XJ220 on "Jay Leno's Garage"

At 63, I doubt I’ll be able to add anything to my 5’ 10’ altitude!


I am really enjoying all the details and inside info about this vehicle you have posted. I think it’s really cool that you are making this into a DIY and figuring things out as well as sharing them with others. I think it’s really crappy that someone is hoarding all the information, parts and resources. I would personally not want a car that I just let sit to let it increase in price to use as a doorstops. No offense, but I just hate that about boomers making cars inaccessible to the rest of enthusiasts just so they can sit and never be driven and only be seen at car shows. I hope once you get your car on the track you post plenty of videos.

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Right on. I refer to them as auto “whore-ders”.

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Yea it’s really unfortunate. It’s not just hyper cars like the XJ220. Sometimes regular mass produced cars start getting their attention and FML if you ever wanted one.

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I’m a late boomer ('57) and my entire life has been influenced by the early boomers. They drove up house prices long before I was ready to buy my first home, drove up prices on every commodity, and drove up prices on classic cars. Now they are starting to drive up prices on nursing homes.

Maybe if I prepay now I can avoid the worst of the nursing home price increases that will shortly begin:)

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Yes…s’why the wiff and I are selling up, buying an RV, and seeing the country.

Damned if I’m retiring to rocking chair!


Dang, don’t be thinking like that, DrS. You’re too brilliant to go to one of those places. btw, which field is your doctorate in - mechanical engineering? :confused:

Did Jag make an RV? :laughing:

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Paul- I think that’s a great idea. Go out and see the country with no rush, no schedules. I’d love to do that but I don’t want to do it alone. Looks like I’ll need to look for my next ex-wife :heart_eyes:

@AttyDallas: I was an oral surgeon (Columbia '83-I actually started out in med school at Columbia and wanted to be a thoracic surgeon, but the debt from college and grad school made it impossible to wait until I was 32 to start working, and all the MDs were bitching about how managed care is killing their businesses, so I switched to dental school), but I spent most of my career in business, owning dental practices, urgent care facilities, a managed care company, and a few non health-related businesses (even a custom car building facility in Atlanta). I retired at age 45 after selling out my interest in the managed care company, got to hang with my kids while they were still little, spent 5 great years being Mr. Mom and when they went to high school and hanging with dad was not #1 on their list, I went back to work out of sheer boredom plus the market crash in '08-'09 didn’t help. Retired again just before my 60th birthday in '17. Now I’m bored again, so I do this, mentor for the NYS small business mentorship program, and go diving whenever I get the chance…
History is my first love, but it doesn’t pay very well. Fixing cars is a hobby since I was 15 and we had no money, so I’d buy junkyard cars, fix them and drive them for a while then sell them. So this stuff is just in my blood. That was probably way too much information, sorry.

Wiggles- I found the perfect RV for you. And after you get settled in your spot and everyone else is unhitching their BMWs, you just pull out the ramps and drive that C type like you stole it.


Interesting. Yes, you have amassed considerable knowledge w. cars. Maybe you missing your calling in life (?) btw, I did get curious to see if a Google search turned up any MDs with that last name, and it pulled up a restorative dentist in TN (I think in Clarksville?) … any relation? :smile:

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No, I live in NY. And I work very hard to keep my name off the Internet. I already get 50 phone calls a day from vc funds, money managers, etc. and I’m not looking for 50 more.

I think my real calling in life was in the military. But the last real black and white war was the one my father fought in in '41-45.

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Ditto: heading off on a small tangent, one blogger I follow is a 90s-era Navy vet, and his musings are in line with your thoughts, on the kind of war WWII was.

drsolly….I LIKE YOU!

Funny you mention that. I read a long time ago an expose on how the Scientologists supposedly love to target dentists for joining their church, paying big $$ for “auditing” (psychological) treatment sessions, etc. The reason they target dentists (vs., e.g., MDs, lawyers, pharmacists, etc.)? Supposedly b/c they enjoy incomes comparable to that of MDs and other such professionals, yet, unlike them, are rarely importuned for $$ :money_mouth_face: Always wondered if all that was really true, and now I’m thinking it is … :thinking:

Another E Type spotting!