XJ40 1988 rear shock bushes

Hi , Can someone tell me if the lower rear shock absorber bush from an X300 will fit correctly into the 1988 shocker ? or are they a different size ? I am trying to rebuild my old shocks to eliminate the top hat bush . Thanks Mark

Fairly sure they are a different shock as the ‘40 supports the weight of the car whereas the ‘300 it is not.

The large spring seat isolator (the spring donut) is the same for both suspensions. (even the X308)

The upper damper bushes are the same IF the suspension has been converted to the non SLS with the factory parts (not the aftermarket adapter kit)

The SLS suspension is it’s own weird setup with the ‘top-hat’ and bushes.

The diameter of the X300 lower bush suits the late XJ40 with cast wishbones - in the earlier cars the bolt and bush diameter is smaller AFAIK

the circled part is what i need the info on , will the x300 be the same as the 1988 bushing in size .

Not a chance, through bolt (#32) is different diameter too, as are the shocks that fit the cast (x300) style wishbones.

Thanks for the input guys , does anyone know where i can get a pair of the bushes , here in Australia everyone i’ve contacted you have to buy the whole shocker , they say i can’t get just the bush , also does anyone know the part number ? Mark .

The bush is only replaceable on the late xj40/x300 style shock.