Xj40, 1992, daimler - what differential it is?

I am trying to identify if my diff is LSD or not.


no 15hu-010-012 salisbury

how to find out it is lsd or not if the data above does not help?

thank you very much in advance for your help

Jack up the rear of the car. Put trans in neutral. Spin one wheel. If the opposite side spins in the same direction, you have a limited slip differential, or LSD.


An InterWeb search found this ‘for sale’ listing on blackcherryjaguar.com in the UK:

No affiliation, never heard of them before, etc. etc.

Hi, i have a 91 Daimler, apparently the Daimler had LSD from factory, being the top of the range model. All the bells and whistles.

Orange sticker will have a BLACK X if it is limited slip.

can you put a photo, i dont have any orange sticker.
but I did rotation test - both rotate in the same direction so I have LSD - pitty there is no mark it is LSD.

There WAS a color-coded label from the factory.
Maybe it fell off?

for sure…

I was informed by other jag-lover that:

14HU are open differentials
15HU are lsd

anyone to confirm?

SOME 15HU diffs are limited slip!!
ALL 14HU are open!