Xj40 '90 ignition wiring

This is about the ignition barrel wiring ,(1990 sover 4l

) i have replaced the ignition on the steering column , my question is what is the purple plug ( unplugged ) used for . All i have seen have not been used , what is the reason . And another question is about the brown plug , i had a buzzer that wouldn’t stop when the lights are on , i have disconnected the plug and the buzzer has stopped , does this plug run anything else ? , or can leave it unplugged with no worries . Thanks in advance Mark


I believe that the brown connector is SC4 which connects the audible warning module to the speaker and has no other function so disconnecting it will merely mean you have no audible warnings.

I believe the “purple” connector is in fact the violet SC6 which, if it has a Black/pink and a Blue/red wire connects the ignition switch to the CPU. Bit important that! :slight_smile:

Thanks Bryan . That takes care of my audible problem ( bloody thing would beep when i turn on the lights ) whether the key was in the switch or not , engine running or not . , the other on all of my cars that i have changed out the ignition switch has not had it connected ? .Thanks again Bryan.