[xj40] '93 Ignition Relay Not Relaying

David Hurlston kindly and informatively replied to my question on '93
“… An anti-theft system would affect things if present and ignition
disable is
one of the features, so that’s another possibility.”

Well, yes, they had trouble getting into the trunk to charge the battery,
and called and asked about it. The battery was not dead, so I think the
dead ignition problem existed before they tried to get into the trunk. Like
at the car wash recently, I think they tried to open the trunk with the key
like a Merdcedes or something, instead of just squeezing the lever. That
one took a lot of key rituals to recover, and I don’t remember now how.

I had the security switch OFF, but just in case, how do I recover from a
security lockout? Do I operate the ignition 3 times quickly? That seems to
shut off an errant alarm.
Thanks, Ralph www.SurfCitySound.com