[xj40] Another Reason to Not Use Chrome Wheels

I have been having trouble the last couple months with one of my
(new) Mickey Vs going completely flat over a period of 2-3 weeks.
It fills right back up though upon inflation.

I finally took the car back to the discount tire place where I
bought the tires and had them take it off and inspect it.

It turns out that the chrome (I have the after-market chromed
wheels) around the rim of the wheel where the tire bead sits had
some bubbling and flaking. :frowning: This caused the bead not to stay
sealed against the wheel rim. The tech scraped off the loose
chrome in that area, applies some sealant, and re-mounted the

So far, no more leak! :)–
&:-)) Paul '88 XJ6 VP (and '90 XJS HE on way)
Garland, Texas, United States
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