[xj40] Bad components testing good

And good components testing bad.

After changing my starter to find that it was not completely shot
and going nuts to find a starting problem, it turns out to be the
first thing that was suggested on the forum and the first thing I
had tested. The battery is bad! I brought it to a local auto
parts chain store and they tested it on their computerized senerio
testing machine and pronounced the battery good. When I was
begining to start re-testing things I tried to boost the battery
with another car, and thought that since that didn’t work the
battery must be good and the problem is yet to be found. Today I
tried again, this time with a battery charger with an engine start
setting. It started and the trans warning light went out.

Several months ago, I had a problem with my Volvo that I posted to
a Volvo site. The first suggestion was the mass airflow sensor. I
tested it according to the repair manual, thought it was good and
went nuts looking for other possiblities. When I gave up and took
it a garage, it turned out to be, you guessed it, the mass airflow

The lesson is:
Don’t ask me to test the components on your car, and don’t always
believe that anyone else has done it right either.

Happy motoring,
1990 XJ6–
Dennis Rogan
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