[xj40] Bumper compliances

Hi everyone,
I have to change my rear and front bumpers on my 1993 XJ81.

  1. I’d like to know if any bumpers of the XJ40 series will fit.

  2. If not what’s the difference? I mean if I go and see some in a
    junkyard that aren’t on a car how do I know which are the good ones
    for me?

Some told me that the rear bumpers where all the same and the
XJ81’s front ones where specific.

  1. I broke the plastic three way part (called J connector) that is
    hidden behind the front bumper on the right and on which the head
    light washers feedline goes. Can I replace it with an ordinary ‘‘Y’’
    piece? Or is there something special about it?

  2. The head lights washers and windsheild washers are heated. How
    do they go on?

  3. I understand the door handles too are heated. How does that work?

Well a lot of questions. Hope you’ll be of some help, especially
for the bumpers questions.

Looking for a cheap and brand new XJ40 V12
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