[xj40] caliper release me - thanks

With the help of Brett’s jogging my memory and the weather allowing
me, I replaced my rear caliper. The job took a bit over hour
fifteen minutes. That included getting tools, jacking car and
bleeding brakes. All went quite well. The only thing was that the
keeper spring didn’t seem to fit as snugly as before on the old
caliper. Perhaps that is because the new pads have it pushed out

The caliper may have been replaced before because the safety wasn’t
on. I’ll need to attend to that but today I didn’t have any around
the house.

When I test drove the car I realized that the caliper must have
been sticking for quite some time. I have watched my gas mileage
deteriorate and I was thinking why and maybe new plugs, etc. I was
probably driving around for a while with that darn dragging
brake!!! It is like a big hand has released my car and I am free
at last.

90 XJ6–
John S
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