XJ40 Centre bearing

Hello all,

I am Quentin, 29 y.o. living in Paris, France and I’m the proud owner of a Daimler XJ40 from 1990. I love Jags and old British cars both luxurious and sports cars, perhaps because I spent 3 years in the UK.
I am here as I am facing an issue since a couple of months, the prop shaft centre bearing.
I initially purchased the centre bearing referenced EBC9040 from Barratt but it ended up being too small (30mm diameter).
Then I ordered the JLM1989 from the USA but it came as the outer bushing only, not with its bearing.
From the research I had, it looks like the dimensions for this bearing is 45mm (inner diameter) x 75mm (outer ring) x 16mm (thick). Are there any folks that can confirm this or correct it?
It’s a real mess to find the information which is quite weird as it’s a wear item.
Thanks a lot,

Hi Quentin, welcome to the forum, I have moved your post to the XJ40 section as you posted in the section for the earlier series 1,2 and 3 XJ’s (a common mistake so don’t worry about it)
Someone will hopefully be able to help with your problem.

Using the VIN of your car, not the year, search the jaguar Classic Parts catalog for the correct part number.

Hi Robin, thank you for moving my post to the right section!
Hi Larry, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, it gives me the reference: JLM1989 but it’s out of stock… I did contact the customer services and hope to get a relevant information from them.
If anyone has a 2nd hand propshaft centre bearing, please free to contact me.

Put that number into google search and you will see several sources have them, e.g. Jagbits, even Amazon has an aftermarket one. Always google part numbers to see what comes up :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I agree with you Larry but it does not come with the bearing. See Jagbits for instance: Jaguar XJ6 DRIVESHAFT CENTER CARRIER BEARING JLM1989 - JLM1989-OE
Does it mean I should keep the (30 years) old bearing?

Additionally, Jaguar Classic replied me but they no longer sell this JLM1989… :disappointed_relieved:


Are you sure about that? Welsh enterprises illustrates JLM1989 WITH a bearing, why not give them a call


Well I emailed Welsh Entreprises last week and did’nt hear from them.
Will give them a call later today to ensure this though

Thank you

It’s 30mm inner diameter, not 45mm. I’ve probably got the part number for the replacement one I ordered somewhere, will try and dig it out!

I live in Sardinia… sometimes when I can’t find on internet some parts I try to call GMA Classic Jaguar in Italy… expensive but they maybe could help you

Hello folks,
Here’s a feedback following the issue I had to get the right centre bearing and its bracket.
So for all XJ40 owners who struggle to find those parts, you need a bracket (referenced JLM1989) with a bearing of these dimensions 75x45x16mm.
Thank you very for your replies and hope to help the future owners who will face the same issue.
Wishing you a safe and comfortable ride in your XJs

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Ah I see, I’ve had one of the 30mm ID bearings which AFAIK fitted my propshaft. I wonder if there are differences in the manual and auto props, or perhaps early and later.

I think the X300 props use a 30mm ID centre bearing, although now I’m not so sure!

Hello Quentin .
How are you ?
I’m French living in France and i’ve just come accross the email exchanges about JLM 1989 .
I’m looking for one for my JAGUAR XJ 40 4.0L SOVEREIGN 1990 but I can’t find it anywhere .
I see your search was successful so can you give me some advice please ?
Thanking you in advance
Davejag (David)

Welcome to the forum David.

I found this on ebay. It doesn’t list your 1990 Sovereign but the seller is located in the UK. Try to email them, they might be able to help you out.

Hello David,
My XJ40 has a prop shaft diameter of 45mm so EBC9040 does not fit as the centre bearing outer diameter is 30mm. I did made this mistake and my mechanic had to do the job twice because of this…
Then what I did was to buy a bracket (ref JLM1989) from here and then purchase a bearing of these dimensions: 75x45x16mm.
Welsh Entreprises seems to sell the complete assembly but they never replied to me: Welsh
I hope this helps,