XJ40 daimler front seats

I need to replace the drivers seat on my 1990 Daimler . I have found a LHD passenger seat on e bay. Would this be interchangeable to fit on to the drivers side of a RHD

Moved to XJ40, welcome!

I don’t know the answer, but if you just want to replace the cushions then I expect if there is a difference in the base mounting or wiring for passenger vs driver seats, you should still be able to swap the back-rest and base cushion from the replacement seat onto the base frame of the old seat.

I did this to replace the seat cushions of my 1990 model RHD XJ40 driver’s seat with those from an 80s model car where the base design was different. This also required swapping the electrical connectors for the back section, because of course Jaguar changed them too. The following photo shows the 80s model back-rest attached to the 1990 model base, with the older base next to it.

be shure the seats are Daimler type. As i remember the Daimler leather is even better quality that Sovreign leather and also the design of the seats is a little different.

If its just the squab and not the back, no problem … if you want to swap the entire frame, it should be ok too, just more work …oh and bear in mind NA seat belt catches are a different style to European ones and will have to be swapped over.