[xj40] Differential Removal & Installation Photos

For the archives I have uploaded four photo albums of my
recent work to remove the independent rear suspension (IRS)
in order to rebuild the differential. The process will be
the same if you are swapping in a professionally-rebuilt diff.

For additional information, see Brett Gadzinsky’s
instructions in the XJ40 e-book. I think Brett must have
written his account from memory (he had his diff out and in
several times), because there are a few minor errata. Most
notably, he instructs to ‘‘remove the lower shock bolts’’ at
two different points in the process. Ignore the first time
and wait for his second instruction to remove the bolts.
Also, some of his instructions won’t apply to your model
year (for example, if your fuel pump is in the tank).

I’ll be happy to answer any questions, and I apologize in
advance for any errors I may have made in trying to pass
along the details of this process.






Don B : '93 VDP Flamenco Red 187K : (ex-'88 Sovereign)
Franklin, TN, United States
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