[xj40] Door lock actuator/solenoid replacement

Last week I posted about replacing a broken front door lock
actuator and this is a follow up with the results.

I ordered a replacement from:
http://www.power98.net/powerdoor/index.html - part number 80174
$9.69 with shipping
it appears to be identical to the maplin part avaliable in the UK:

The front doors use a 5 wire actuator that includes 2 circuits to
signal it’s state to the controller while the rears use a 2 wire
actuator that just works the locks.

The easiest way to remove the old actuator is to drill holes in the
door shell behind the trim panel and in line with the self tapping
screws holding the actuator in place. You can then insert a
screwdriver through the holes and remove the 2 screws and the
actuator without dismantling the door.

The new actuator is an almost exact replacement for the megabucks
jaguar unit. Although it’s a different shape, it is the same size
and the linkage and mounting screws line up exactly. The only
modification needed is to splice the jaguar connector onto the
wiring. You can transfer the little actuator rod from the top of
the old actuator.

The wiring connections are as follows:

Signalling circuits:
black - black/pink
white - yellow/red - unlocked
brown - purple/white - locked

Motor circuit:
green - purple/pink
blue - purple/orange

The signalling circuit connects black to white when the car is
unlocked and black to brown when locked. The motor circuit simply
reverses polarity to change the direction of the motor. 2 wire
actuators for the rear only have the motor circuit.–
Melbourne, Florida, United States
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