Xj40 door panel fir tree clip replacement

pic 1 the factory black plastic fir tree clip, that appears to be unavailable. pic 2 the replacement I used. in my case, my xj6 was missing 1 fir tree clip and it’s female recepticle that fits in the inner door metal. I had to spread the tab on the metal clip a bit to get it to slip into the door panel foam, but it seems to hold well, ive open/ closed the door 20 times or so and the door panel is staying tight. the bag of 5 was less than $10. I’m sure the factory ones are better, but I couldnt find any, or even a part #

It sounds as though you have found a workable substitute. In case you are interested I found this on PartsGeek.com:

Listed as fitting 1995-97 XJ6, but looks to me to be the same part you depicted for your 1994. This part is not listed in Trim Fastener for 1994 XJ6, but the plastic female receptacle is. Odd.

EDIT: A quick search of the InterWeb turned up this same part (W0133-1644025) on CarID.com at a substantially lower price. Not recommending or disparaging any vendors here, just reporting search results. There are several other vendors that turned up in my search for this part number.

My goodness you are a handy source! Ive spent hours fumbling around the internet trying to find even a part #! I will definitely order a few, as the metal one I used does not fit in the door panel as securely as the factory one. I’m curious- how did you describe the part in your search?

I searched for “jaguar panel fasteners”.

In general, when searching for something, I start with whatever seems logical to me and then analyze the results looking for alternate terms to try. Often you have to start with less-specific terms and fine tune from there. And yes, you go down a lot of rabbit holes before finding the one(s) where the gold is buried.

The shipping for partsGeek is pretty steep, so I looked at the CarID, they didnt actually have the parts available when I tried to order them. I called the Jag dealer in KC, and he said they hadnt had any availability on them for a long time, and he told me to call Welsh Int. they had plenty of the female side, but none of the black male fasteners. I just bit the bullet and ordered from partsGeek. they only had 3, which I ordered and a couple of the females. Shipping was more than the parts.