XJ40 Ebook for download

I am a returning member after several years of inactivity. Sometime ago, I downloaded an ebook - xj40 ebook - which is no longer readable on my computer, and I am searching for the download again for a fresh copy. I am having issues with the aircon blowers and ducting on my 1989 XJ40, and while searching this forum discovered that the ebook section 9 has some information. The site has been ‘redesigned’ during my absence and a quick search did not bring up the entire download, but several categories and discussions were noted. Hopefully, I am not using the correct search words and the ebook still exists. Thanks for any help.

I purchased my 1989 XJ40 in 1991 and still own and drive it today, though there are a number of issues that have cropped up over the years. I now reside near Phoenix AZ, thus aircon is a must have!

Thanks again
Ed Schoonover

the xj40 Ebook is here


Thanks. Hope I might be of assistance sometime.