[xj40] Failing Accumulator? the Resolution

Thanks to all who replied,

The final verdict is in regarding my braking problem from last week.

To recap:

Fluid level was good, and all calipers/pads, etc. were good. Brake fluid
was changed less than a year ago.

Brake light and ABS light came on when pulling into driveway. I found that
every time I hit the brake pedal the pump would go on to recharge the
accumulator. if not every time, then at longest, every other time.

Four pumps of the pedal would put the low pressure BRAKE warning light on,
seven pumps would give both ABS and Brake lights.

My mechanic said that he’d seen this many times and that my problem was not
the worst by far that he’d ever seen. It took longer to do the paperwork
than it did to replace the accumulator.

After accumulator replacement it takes 6 or 7 times of hitting the brake
pedal to get the pump to come on.

It takes about 17 repetative pumps to get the low pressure warning light to
come on and several more pumps repetatively to get the ABS fail light.

I can turn the ignition off and pump the pedal from fully charged about 34
times before the pedal goes hard. I couldn’t even get this to happen with
the old accumulator or maybe I just didn’t pump enough times.

Side note:
A few days before the brake issue, I had new tires put on the car. Yokahama
V rated. I jokingly told my wife that there may be the chance for organ
rejection here, Japanese tires on the British car. Now I wonder…

Chris 94 XJ12