[xj40] FF37 Cure

Hello all and especially Brett,

While going to a 4th of July party the dreaded Check Engine light came
on in my 1993 XJ40. When I stopped and checked the code it was a FF37. I
reset it, and it did not come back. Now on a sunday afternoon drive to
the grocery store the Check Engine light comes on again. I check the
code and it is the FF37 again. I reset it and this time it comes back
immediately. I then checked my personal archives in the fault code
section and found 2 e-mails that Brett had posted concerning FF37 and
how it is an electrical fault with the EGR solenoid. I looked up the
price on the web and decided that before I spend $80 I better try
Brett’s recommended cure. Clean the dirty connection. It appeared clean
to me but I gave it Brett’s famous WD40 treatment. Clipped it back into
place, cleared the code then started the car. Viola!!! No more check
engine light. Problem apparently solved.

So Brett, if we ever cross paths, drinks are on me.


Tom Souther
1993 XJ40–
When they call the roll in the Senate, the senators do not know
whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty.’ – Theodore Roosevelt

Hi Tom!

I had the FF37 code the other day. I’m just wondering if you sprayed the WD40 on both connectors then plugged and unplugged them a few times? That’s how you cleaned them?

holy_necropost Batman


Does Tom still have his 40?

You are replying to a 17 year old thread. I could not tell you much about anything I posted 17 years ago. Maybe Tom has a better memory?

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I realize that but thought to give it a try.

Did you attempt a Private Message??
Maybe Tom is still a member??

I didn’t message him privately. But I’m gonna try the WD40 application. Disconnect the battery then spray the male and female connectors of both solenoids. BTW, the CEL with the FF37 comes and goes.